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Witold Pilecki - To prove that Auschwitz was killing people, not a labor camp, forged papers,entered a ghetto roundup, and was sent to Auschwitz. He redistributed food to prisoners, trained them in martial arts, and passed news out. He & a few others beat up guards, stole their clothes and left the camp carrying the guard's stolen papers. They were in the woods for 3 days, til they met up with the Home Army and passed the info on. This was the first evidence of the existence of death camps.


GBP/USD holds onto gains With the US on Labor Day holiday, the new week and new month, currencies remained range bound but the GPP/USD made a slight move upwards. Read more here #forextrader #forextrading #forexmarket #forexnews #trading

#100days100women Day 5: Lucy Gonzalez Parsons, labor organizer, writer, orator, co-founder of the IWW, class warrior, Chicago police agitator: