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Kudos To You Meaning

I love this so much... It's so overwhelming to know that the death of his father caused all this. Billie's siblings have even said that once their father died it was like music was his only escape and that was it. As if he were doing it for his father❤️


Of cource she is a great role model but can we please just look at how much she is like Hermiony in EVERY FLIPPING WAY POSSIBLE!?!?! I mean come on

from Atchuup! - Cool Stories Daily

911 Operator Thought It’s A Prank Call. But His Quick Thinking Saved A Life.

At First She Thought It Was A Prank Call. But Her Quick Thinking Saved A Life. This is Genius.


"You really mean to take me on in that state, little brother? The odds are hardly weighing in your favor." "Maybe, maybe not. But if you do not give Sam Winchester back to me this instant, I swear on Anael and Lucifer’s graves I will tear you to shreds.” ||| Castiel and Gadreel Fan Art