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DIY Kubb ('Kubspell') block throwing game or Viking Chess - step by step photos. - Good gift idea for active families, campers, etc.


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Backyard Games: How to Make a Kubb Game Set - The Home Depot

Viking Game. The ancient Viking would play Kubb. Why keep your eye on the Kubb? Kubb is a wooden block used in the game with the same name. Its been said that the game dates back to the Viking age and was played on Gotland as well as other locations in Sweden. Kubb means "wooden block" in the Swedish dialect of Gutnish. Kubb is a game which is usually played on grass, but can be played successfully on almost any other flat surface including dirt, sand and ice.

How to Make a Kubb (aka Viking Chess) Game Set

How to Make a Kubb (aka Viking Chess) Game Set how to make this classic Swedish lawn game with little more than a 4x4 post and a bunch of dowels