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Krispy Chicken

If you use the Dairylea triangles in this recipe as part of your Healthy Extra A then these tasty kievs are only 2.5 syns. Rice Krispies provide a super-quick and easy crispy coating.   //

from The Hectic Cook

Homemade Crispy Chicken Nuggets (Updated)

Crispy Chicken Nuggets - Nuggets of chicken breast coated in mayonnaise and Rice Krispies, chicken nuggets you shouldn't feel guilty about! |


Rice Krispie-coated Chicken Pieces with Stilton Sriracha Sauce john waite's perfect plates

I love chicken nuggets, and these low syn ones feel like such a treat! These use rice krispies to make the crispy coating, but you can use breadcrumbs made from your HEB brown bread if you want to make them free from syns! I've started bulk buying my chicken breasts from Musclefood (click here). //


I learnt this little secret from Annabel Karmel's toddler cookery book! Rice Krispies make an amazing crispy coating for chicken- It's nicer than any unhealthy fried chicken! Every time I have made these for my kids I have ended up unable to resist them... so just gave in and made them for myself! //


It will be hard to go back to shop bought frozen nuggets after you have tasted these. You can skip the marinating stage if you don

from Stamping, Books, and Amish Country Ramblings from Charm City

Tasty Tuesday – Rice Krispy Chicken

Rice Krispy Chicken, Sue Mulllet (Bread Baker), page 63

from The Kitchen Whisperer

Crispy Crunchy Crusted Chicken Fingers

Secret Ingredient Crispy Crunchy Crusted Chicken Fingers from The Kitchen Whisperer

from Food Network UK

Rice Krispie Chicken

You'll find the ultimate Lisa Faulkner Rice Krispie Chicken recipe and even more…