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The world pagan Male/Female Movement Campaigns are Christ's opponent attack & mock to His Father, ascribed to his rebellion in the Heavenly Realms against His Father, & Lord Jesus Christ. Present times pagan Male/Female Campaigns are active, some whereby are pre Christ spin offs, & include the Hindi shiva shakti, Chinese yin/yang, mother earth, god/goddesses, balancing male/female energies, androgynous spirits, gay & bisexual gender distortions against God's Word, & other soul catches.

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Krishna Photos

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Dravidienne: anciens Indiens bleu-noir comme Krishna. La caste inférieure dans…

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Abandonment issues: Creepy photos of doctor's deserted mansion with exam room littered with instruments and microscope slides containing slices of human kidneys

The bedroom: There are 50s-style dresses, hats, shoes and suitcases scattered around what was presumably the house's master bedroom. Abandoned doctor's house, Germany.

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