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Krishna birth place

Mosque In Krishna Janma Bhoomi Katara Keshava Dev Temple Facts

Krishna Janma Bhoomi Mandir

Mathura • The Birth Place of Lord Krishna • One of the seven holiest Hindu cities in India • It is said that Vajranabha, great grandson of Lord Krishna was first built the temple about 5000 years ago

Lord Shrinathji-When Lord Krishna was seven years old, he took the form of Shrinath Ji. He lifted Govardhana mountain (near his birth place Mathura) with his little finger and Govardhan swaroop (form) caine into existence. The Vaishnavas (those who worshipped Lord Vishnu) became the followers of Govardhanath

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#SHRI Group #Shri #krishna #janambhumi is a religious temple located in the mathura. this temple is the birth place of hindu lord krishna....

Satrugna (Kandadai Aandan) was born as son to Mudaliandan, born on Kumba (Maasi) Punarpoosam day for rendering faultless service to Bhaagavathaas. His birth place was Koil (Sri Rangam). Acharyan was Emperumanaar.Kandadai Andan pleased Emperumanaar and sought his permission to install an idol replica of Emperumanaar at his birth place (Sriperumbudur) for the benefit of all for worshipping him.

Mathura is a birth place of lord krishna. It is very beautiful north Indian city. It is located at distance of 145km south-east Delhi and 58 km north-west Agra.

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School children dressed as Hindu Lord Krishna take part in a function held ahead of

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