Kringle - (Kringles are butter-layered Danish pastries that were first introduced to Racine, Wisconsin, in the late 1800s by immigrant Danish bakers.)

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Danish Kringle Recipe - because one day the craving will become powerful enough to do the work of making one

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Finally, a recipe for kringle that's just like the famous Danish pastries from my hometown, Racine Wisconsin!

Scandinavian Kringle recipe - The flaky crust, cream puff layer and almond frosting combine for an outstanding pastry. Do not make too far in advance. The night before is sooner though.

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Danish Kringle :: Historic Recipe

Merry Christmas Better Recipes! Tonight as you anticipate the arrival Kris Kringle, dream of waking up to a sweet and flaky Danish Kringle! I grew up in Northern Illinois, and just over the Wisconsin border is the city of Racine. We were lucky to be so close to enjoy one of their local delicacies. Danish [...]

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