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Kratom Side Effects

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Im one with marijuana. I'm high right now!

#Kratom and possible side effects in your #heart. Is kratom safe?

#Upset #stomach and #kratom. Find out all stomach issues related to kratom.


Medical Marijuana - I am unsure if these numbers are accurate, however I am aware that the side effects of medical marijuana are far less than those of many prescription meds. People need the ability to decide if this is the right medicine for them.. if it is effective and safe for their needs

Why does #kratom make you #dizzy sometimes?

from Mail Online

Is using the power of your MIND the best way to beat chronic pain?

The article says most commonly used painkillers are basically ineffective. Again, only half the story. Every person is individual and yes, painkillers themselves have side effects (often exacerbating pain elsewhere in the body). However, we personally have to make that risk/benefit analysis and often for me, relief from pain includes having to use painkillers & smiling positively, whenever possible LOL ;) ~ Kj