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Korean War Veterans Memorial

Korean War Veterans Memorial, Washington, DC. This is located down from the Lincoln Memorial and across from the Vietnam War Memorial, The Wall.


The Korean War | Here's that position you see over and a over in photos of men in all wars, including my own cousin, at time this is written, they are right now being denied access to the memorials that they fought for, and that many died for. God bless these soldiers gone on before & with us still †


USA soldiers serving in Korea during its harsh and brutal winter of Korea. I know what it is to freeze solid with the ground while on patrol. These men were tough hombres'! Tough enough to go back and do it again - if you asked it of them today! God Bless the Korean War Vets! Heroes All!


Korean War Memorial, Washington DC near the Lincoln memorial. I wept when I saw this monument: a powerful depiction of the hopeless and fearful agony of being on the front line.


Army chaplain who died in a POW camp after refusing to abandon wounded soldiers during the Korean War is to receive the Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor: The medal will be awarded posthumously to U.S. Army Chaplain Emil Kapaun (pictured), who served in the Korean War and died in a prisoner of war camp on May 23, 1951. Father Emil is now Blessed Emil Kapaun, on the track to sainthood .


"The Korean War - 38th Parallel: The war began here, June 25, 1950"....Sadly my uncle lost his life a mere two months after he arrived in June 1950.