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한복 Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes[dress]

from Etsy

Modernized traditional Korean Fabric art and décor, Jogakbo - Sheer shade/ space décor

This item is a décor shade that transforms a simple space into an exotic yet artistic one. With backlighting, the fabric takes itself to a level of modern yet natural translucency. The traditional Korean multi colored pattern creates an artistic atmosphere. By combining traditional Korean material called Oksa(silk), a modern pattern design and unique traditional JOGAKBO techniques, it has an elevated value of a craft. You can enjoy the variety of colors and intricate details of the item…


Changdeokgung in Seoul - Changdeokgung is the most beautiful of all the royal palaces in Seoul. It's the epitome of Korean traditional architecture balanced with a natural landscape. "Due to its historical and cultural importance, entry to the palace has until recently been through guided tours only. Unguided tours are now permitted one day a week." [Seoul Selection Guides]. To get there: Anguk Station (Subway Line 3, Exit 3). Go straight for 5 minutes.


고귀하고 웅장한 아름다움으로 시선을 사로잡는 특별한 혼례복. 11명의 한복 디자이너가 결혼을 축하하는 마음을 담아 정성스레 지은 작품을 선보인다. 하나의 작품으로 탄생한 11벌의 혼례복이 신부의 품격을 높이며 감동을 선사한다.