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Kool-Aid Dyed Playsilk Tutorial

Kool aid dye is NOT simple. It stays on for a very long time so be aware before you do it. Friends little girl had her hair red for months just from kool-aid.

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Colorful Homemade Donut Glaze (A Subtle Revelry)

While I am a frosting fanatic – glaze is fairly new to me. We did a trial run making glaze on our cinnamon rolls this Christmas and it was so good! Today since the kids are home on holiday we’ve decid

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How To Easily Dye Hair with Kool-Aid! #hairdye #diy #haircolor #kidshair #curlyhair #koolaid NOTE: yes, it's staining your hair... that's what hair color is, yes it takes a while to come out (depending how concentrated you make it), no you shouldn't have to cut your hair that's a drastic move. Please visit my blog and leave a comment on the post if you have any questions or concerns.

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Kool-Aid Hair Dye: How to Color Your Hair Cheaply and Effectively

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Yes, You Can Dye Your Hair With Food Coloring. Here's How!

I am totally getting my sleuth on for this phenom right now ;) **Dyeing hair with food coloring**

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