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Mangalorean Banana puri, is one of the famous Konkani breakfast . In konkani language , these puris are known as Kelyachi Bansa . These sw...

A History of Konkani Literature: From 1500 to 1992 by Manoharrai Sardessai. This book traces the evolution of the Konkani language and is a good reference for those interested in its development. Published by the Sahitya Akademi


There are various attempts made to revive the Konkani language through various government schemes and promotions. But, still there is no visibility of this language on a mass scale, especially among Goan youth.

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JANYA-CELI, written by Bonaventure D'Pietro, Anjuna. Published by Omor Prokaxon, Candolim. 2006. Pp 224. It is a thrilling tale, in Konkani language, of a Janya, who turns out street-mart due to unfortunate circumstances.


Dekhni dance, folk dance from Goa, India. The dekhni represents an attractive mixture of folk culture and Western music, danced mostly by Christian girls in fully Indian dress. Dekhni in Konkani language means "bewitching beauty". This song-cum-dance performed only by women to the accompaniment of folk drum "Ghumat", displays a rare blend of Indian and Western cultures. The dance enacts the life of a "Devdasi" (literally meaning servant of God) girl whose job is to perform dance in temples…