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Kona coffee cherries.... Still not as good as Dunkin Donuts!! Especially at $23 a pound!! Hahahaha

Kona Coffee - Hawaii

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A poster on what's needed for the production of different varieties of coffee.

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Hawaiian Isle Toasted Coconut Kona Coffee

One of my favorite discoveries at Hawaiian Isle Toasted Coconut Kona Coffee

Kona Coffee Beans. I swear Kona has the best coffee I've tasted. I'm buying coffee via the internet from Greenwell Farms in Kona. They give a great tour.

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"Kona coffee blooms in February and March. Small white flowers cover the tree and are known as “Kona Snow”. In April, green berries begin to appear on the trees. By late August, red fruit, called “cherry” because of the resemblance of the ripe berry to a cherry fruit, are starting to ripen for picking."

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Student Spotlight: Royal Kona Coffee - 100% Pure Kona Coffee