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Kombucha Bottles

Sanitizing old kombucha bottles for reuse

from Our Paleo Life

Continuous Brew Kombucha (Step-By-Step & How-To)

How to get started with your own Continuous Brew Kombucha system. Create your own flavors (4 ideas in this post) and save over 90% by not buying store-bought bottles every day. #kombucha #ferment


Good Fizz is an MFA project conceived to explore both branding and packaging for an invented kombucha company. Embracing the fact that kombucha is comprised of tiny living organisms, each bottle features happy illustrations of floating bacteria as well as custom type that wraps the entire bottle. The paper seal on top lists ingredients along with the warning, “Don’t Shake! It’s Fizzy Enough Already.” by Lydia Nichols PD *** #package #design #lovelypackage

from Mountain Feed & Farm Supply

Flip-Top 500ml Bottles, Clear, Case/12

Flip-Top 500ml Bottles, Clear, Case/12 from Mountain Feed


Homemade Kahlua This looks like a much more extensive version of what we used to make back in 1970 with vodka and instant coffee.

from The Nourished Life

Top Kombucha Recipes: For Probiotic Enthusiasts Everywhere

Top 17 Kombucha Recipes | The Nourished Life

from girl. Inspired.

Forest Wonderland Baby Shower

Neat drink station- This would be cute on the bar for the open house for non alcoholic beverages

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Los 25 diseños de empaque más geniales del 2013

Simple packaging with strong personality messaging, allowing the intrigue of the liquids within to help drive the purchase.

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City of Boulder

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha

from Body Unburdened

How to grow your own kombucha SCOBY in 10 steps

Do you drink kombucha? It's a healthy fermented tea jam-packed with gut-loving probiotics and enzymes. A bottle from the grocery store runs about $3.50... but it's so easy to brew your own kombucha at home! All you need is a SCOBY, and you can grow that at home to!