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10 Beautiful Words About Love That Don’t Exist in English

koi no yokan - this is absolutely perfect!! We were at a Japanese restaurant and I saw something in his eyes - I didn't know what it was but I knew I could see deep into them - I came home and called my mom and told her "I'm going to marry him." Well, who knows if that part is true, but we are certainly on the right track ☺️


koi no yokan [Japanese 恋の予感] ~ (n.) lit. "Premonition of Love"; the sense one can have upon first meeting another person that the two of them are going to fall in love. ❥


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Words About Relationships That Don't Exist In English, Because It Was 'Koi No Yokan'


Koi No Yokan This is what happened with me and my love, it just took another three years to come true <3