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from The Huffington Post

Trump Has Exposed GOP Racism

Koch brothers funds one of the most racist segments of the republican groups, the tea party. Trump has taken racism mainstream and exposed republicans for what they truly are, racist bigots.

KOCH BROS...WAR ON WORKERS! In an interview with The Wichita Eagle on Tuesday, Charles Koch said that doing away with the federal minimum wage requirement in the United States would actually benefit the poor. According to Mr. Koch, who is the CEO of Koch Industries, a multi-billion dollar mega-corporation who has its fat-cat paws in just about everything, including politicians’ pocketbooks:


Koch brothers tied to chemical spill in West Virginia.


Koch brothers, big utilities attack solar, green energy policies

Fossil fuels are responsible for climate change and the resulting weather extremes and rising oceans. Oil gluttons are so immersed in their own greed they refuse to embrace alternate energy as it might impact the billions they collect at the gas pump.

from Washington Post

Larry Wilmore tries to boycott the Koch brothers … and fails because of toilet paper

Koch Brothers

from Rolling Stone

Three New Ways the Koch Brothers Are Screwing America

Paul Krugman explains the dynamics of growing wealth inequality and how it…

from Rolling Stone

Koch Industries Responds to RS – And We Answer Back

The Koch Bros - head of one of the most criminal businesses in the country - attempt to assassinate the character of a Rolling Stone journalist. Read more: Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook. VOTE FOR BERNIE! #FeeltheBern

from Washington Post

The Koch brothers may spend $290 million on this election. That’s how much 5,270 American households make in a year.

The Koch brothers just announced a new super PAC called Freedom Partners Action Fund. The group will invest $15 million in the midterms, bringing the Kochs' total investment to a reported $290 million for the 2014 elections, all of it going to REPUBLICAN/TEA PARTY candidates.