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Kobe Bryant Records

Kobe Bryant’s 81 Point Game vs the Toronto Raptors[2006]----Kobe Bryant scored the SECOND-most points in an NBA game and set a Laker RECORD for points in a game when he dropped 81 points in 42 minutes of play in a 122-104 victory!!

Kobe Retires: Before The Kobe Bryant Poem, Read The Kobe Bryant Stats First (INFOGRAPHIC) -


Katy Perry and Kobe Bryant kick off #Alibaba's Singles Day sale this week. Only 4 days away from a record breaking shopping spree!

Traditional diet including raw butter is credited for Kobe Bryant's shattering of NBA records at the past NBA prime age of 34. This compares to Ashton Kutcher's experience with the fruitarian diet as part of his role as Steve Jobs for the movie Jobs.


Loyalty Of Kobe Bryant To Los Angeles Lakers Earned Him A Record;He Is The Only Player To Play for 20 Seasons With One Team -

Despite Setting A Price Record, Kobe Bryant Still Lost Money On The Deal. #KobeBryant #Basketball #RealEstate #Mansion #California


Cha-ching: Kobe merchandise sets one-day mark

Staples Center sells $1.2 million worth of Kobe Bryant merchandise to set one-day record

Stephen Curry Of Golden State Warriors Injures Shin Again, Feels Frustrated -

Kobe Bryant wants the Golden State Warriors to win 73 games -