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21 Quotes That Prove That NO Woman Needs A Man To Define Her


He said to me, "the one that broke you, cannot fix you." He totally misinterpreted my actions, thoughts and words. Just because I gave him this "knight in shining armor" title, once. My mistake.

Knight in shining armor

Don't wait for the knight in shining armor. His armor is shiny because he has never been to war. Instead, look for the knight with torn and tattered armor. He is the one who knows how to fight and is sure to be the one who can keep you safe from harm.


Knight In Shining Armor Cross Stitch Pattern - Funny Cross Stitch Pattern Counted Cross Stitch Chart Instant Download PDF


Robert the Bruce and King Edward II brought back to life with help of 3D Hollywood technology at new £9m Bannockburn centre

SCOTLAND'S Bruce and his old enemy Edward II have been recreated using cutting-edge technology and will appear in full-height at the Bannockburn centre, which opens to the public next month.


Every Girls Dream!! Her Knight in Shining Armor, or I'd like to say My Man smeared in grease, smells like diesel, wearing his boots, and has eyes for only me! Oh and on his days off, wears camo, hunts and goes muddin'! He's all mine!! vk~


"I thought I was rescuing her... I thought I was the knight in shining armor... But it turns out; she was the badass princess that was rescuing me." - Steve Maraboli #quote