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Actress: Leelee Sobieski. Film: Joan of Arc. Character Costume: Yarraine from The Exile Trilogy. Originally posted at Realm of Zhu:

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The Rose Knight. Is the rose at the pommel part of the sword or simply held by her in that position? (note rose motifs on her armor)

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speech 1 Images/German/Sigismund/pages/SIG LEG 03_JPG.htm

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It always amazed me how much detail was put into armor that was essentially going to be destroyed in battle.

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Female character by Kyoung Hwan Kim // I like this layered look. Layers of cloth and metal make it really eye catching

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This damascened armour was made either in Italy or France about 1545-50, possibly for Henry II of France.

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Awesome! Latin carved into his armor. Can't read what it says, though, since there are parts of it I can't see.

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armor..although this is lovely, in the age of King Arthur the companion knights' armour would have been leather. Decorative, but not metal.

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The warrior woman photography of Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva

Héroïne #4 - Warrior Woman. Very nice. Plus - it's nice to see a 'warrior woman' with protective clothing on, instead of being

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Unknown maker, France The Metz Pontifical, 1302 - 1316, folio 7r, A hare with a sling approaches a knight in chainmail, an absurd parallel to the story of David and Goliath.

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