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Giraffe: "I have to position my legs like this, enabling me to drink." (Photo By: © Robert Kah imagatrust. )

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Camiree is your character's girlfriend. She coaxes you to take her on a date to the ocean and after spending an amazing day, she kisses you and then tries not to cry. What do you do?

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He slid the mug of hot chocolate across the table to me and I wrapped my hands around it. Suddenly, Josh's hand was lying on my arm. "How are you holding up?" He asked as I lifted my eyes to his. "I don't know, I've learned so much in past few days..." I whispered back and Josh nodded. "I know, I know it's a lot to handle," Josh started, as he drew me in for a soft kiss. "But we will get through this."

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The one and only excursion we did was the "Luxury Sunset Cruise" with Cabo Adventures. Unlike their day-time cruise, you do not snorkel and this was at sunset- which was perfect for us! You are served with a lovely appetizer meal which included a variety of dinner rolls and crackers, guacamole and chips, tuna salad, fresh fruit tart, meat and cheese spread, jalapeno poppers, potato casserole, caprese salad and champagne with open bar. I highly recommend booking with this sunset crui

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B&W, no color, not selective color. Think fine art, creative, beauty, sensual, eclectic, avant-garde. Think outside the box. Due date will be late October before Halloween. Visit us or

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Alura Customer Testimonials and Reviews

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