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Kinship Parenting Toolbox, a book for families parenting relative's children


Kinship Care


Advocating for Children in Foster and Kinship care.

10 Keys to Healing Trauma in the Foster/Adopted Child by Bryan Pos


Somebody Cares explores the feelings and thoughts many kids have when they've had to look out for themselves or be alone much of the time. A useful book to read with a caring adult — such as a parent, foster parent, kinship parent, or therapist — Somebody Cares reassures children who have experienced neglect that they are not to blame for what happened in their family, and that they can feel good about themselves for many reasons.


This is a story for kids who can't live with their parents, regardless of the circumstances. It's about resilience and loyalty, hope and disappointment, love, sadness, and anger, too. A Note to Caregivers by Jennifer Wilgocki, MS, and Marcia Kahn Wright, PhD, discusses the emotional experience of children who are in foster care, kinship care, or otherwise not living with their parents, and the vital support that adults in their lives can offer.

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'Home' Wood Sign

"Just know you're not alone 'cause I'm gonna make this place your home" wood sign on zulily


Kinship Care by Crystal Sanchez

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Foster Care is Spiritual Warfare

In the grand, unseen spiritual battle raging around us, Satan is the ultimate Enemy and we are not the hero. Jesus is.