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Kings Man

Tom Hardy of ‘Legend’ poses for a portrait at the 2015 Toronto Film Festival at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on September 13, 2015 in Toronto, Ontario.

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Book that helped Henry VIII annul his marriage discovered in Cornwall

Works by philosopher and theologian William of Ockham published in 1495. Contains notes and highlighted texts used to argue king's independence. Discovery shows how kings' advisers scoured country trying to find texts. Passages used as he sought annulment to marry second wife Anne Boleyn. The period, which led to break-up with Rome, is documented in Wolf Hall.

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Meet the 14th Century African king who was richest man in the world of all time (adjusted for inflation!)

List of the wealthiest people ever - adjusted for inflation, includes african kings, wealthy normans that helped invade England, John of Gaunt, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, etc... Interesting little list to supplement history lesson

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Nelson Mandela dead: A symbol of resistance

RIP Nelson Mandela, pictured at his South African home in 2010, 'triumphed as a symbol of national reconciliation between South Africa's races'

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Liam's Christmas Nativity scene - Your Christmas craft pictures

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cimetiere-chanson: 1830s

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Akan tribe. In many parts of West Africa, there is an old chieftaincy tradition. The Akan have developed their own hierarchy which exists alongside the democratic structure of the country. The Akan word for the ruler is nana. In colonial times, Europeans translated it to “chief”, which is not an exact equivalent. Other sources speak of “kings”, which is also not entirely correct. The term “chief” has become common even amongst modern Ghanaians..

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