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Adams + Russell's Single Origin Coffee Chart is a great tool for helping you…

24 world's best single origin coffees: compare flavour & roast

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If you're a vegetarian you need to provide your body with foods that contain the essential amino acids that are used as building blocks of protein in the body. Every time you eat food of any kind your body breaks it down into three basic groups: A)...

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One Pan Full Monty Breakfast

This is the ultimate breakfast, though we’d happily eat it at any time of day. To keep your morning as chilled as possible, get your oven to do all the hard work for you. Place everything in your largest dish, bung in the oven – et voilà! In a matter of minutes (13, to be exact), a delicious meal awaits. For the avo fans among you, chop up some avocado and add on top when it’s cooked.

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Fillet steak with red wine balsamic reduction

Soak thick, juicy beef filets in a heady marinade of Burgundy wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce, minced garlic and dried oregano. Grill the filets and serve with a dollop of butter creamed with shallots, green onions, white pepper and a dash of wine.

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Spicy leek and white bean stew

This vegetarian one-pot recipe deserves to be mopped up with plenty of fresh crusty bread.

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How to... cook a full English breakfast

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Brown rice kedgeree

Kick start your day with this kedgeree recipe made with brown rice and salmon – a great source of protein and high in omega-3 fatty acids which help healthy brain, heart and joint function.

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‘I Can’t Tell If It’s Healing Or Destroying Me’: Rupi Kaur’s Feminist Poetry

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