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Organic Pest Remedies for Ants | Use these non-toxic, simple solutions to get rid of sugar, carpenter and fire ants. Visit for details.


Summer-Long Ant Control This low toxicity, borax-based ant control system includes 32 ounces of bait — a whole summer's worth — plus two bait reservoirs that are weather-proof, spill-proof, and pet-safe. It's the same type of ant control system professionals use, at a fraction of the cost. Simply locate them around the perimeter of your house. Effective on sugar-feeding and protein-feeding ants, harvester ants, carpenter ants, even cockroaches. Kit includes two stations and enough bait…

Lilly Miller 8150120 Amdro Ant Block 24oz by Lilly Miller. $23.97. Lilly Miller Brands #8150120 24OZ Ant Block. LILLY MILLER BRANDS. Kills ants outside, so they can't come inside. 24 ounces treats 1,080 linear feet as a 1 ft. band around outside perimeter. Granules are carried directly into the mound by workers as food for the colony. When the queen is dead, the mound dies. Kills carpenter ants, argentine ants, fire ants, field ants and other listed ants. See fewer ants within...

Pleated Woodpecker Habitat: Mature conifer and deciduous forests and large tracts of mixed woodlands. Diet: Mostly carpenter ants, as well as beetles, insect larvae, wild berries and acorns. Backyard Favorites: Suet in feeders, located at least 10 feet above the ground on the trunk of a mature tree in wooded habitat.


How to trap and kill carpenter bees, wood bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets naturally.

I ordered some orange oil a couple of weeks ago so I could give making my own homemade orange degreaser a try, and holy clean! It works better than any other cleaning solution I have ever made or bought! Not. Even. Kidding.