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Mass at the upperpole of the right kidney that biopsy proved to be an oncocytoma


17 Things Healthy People Need to Hear During Invisible Illness Awareness Week

17 things people living with an invisible disability want yo hear during Invisible Illness Awareness Week

1 For those who have a kidney mass and want to know what it might be, check out this page. Kidney stones found in pee. Also referred to as a renal stone, a kidney stone is a crystallized mass which occurs as a result of the existence of a surplus of Calcium in urine. It can take weeks or even years to form the mass. As the stone increases in size, it can start to get wedged in the urethra and thus inhibiting the expulsion of urine from the urinary system. Stones do vary in size but in most instances they are too small such that there…


Kidney Stone Remedy Report review article. Kidney Stone. #276 of 365

Overview of the Kidney Stone Remedy Report. Binding of osteopontin on biomineral calcium oxalate monohydrate (kidney stone): 3. Three phosphoserines. Top view

Renal leukemic infiltration with massively enlarged kidneys with diffuse infiltration of the renal cortex with sparing of the adjacent medullae and distortion of the renal sinus echo complex

Renal system agony triggers and therapies. Kidney stone

Overview of the Kidney Stone Remedy Report. Kidney Stones