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Kidney Biopsy

Complications After A Biopsy on Your Kidneys


I remember thinking when my Rheumatologist and my Nephrologist told me they needed to do a kidney biopsy to determine if I did have Churg Strauss Syndrome that “there had to be another test t…

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Kidney Biopsy: 5 Points to Help Understand the Procedure

Your nephrologist might order this procedure to diagnose and treat your kidney disease. Learn more about the procedure.


Lupus fact - kidney inflammation (lupus nephritis)


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Bone marrow biopsy. Not looking forward to this!

It’s often under-diagnosed because of atypical presentation and, in the past, reluctance to perform duodenal biopsy, long the gold standard for diagnosis. But newer, non-invasive blood tests have greatly simplified screening and diagnosis. The tissue transglutaminase antibody test, which has a sensitivity of 95% and specificity approaching 100%, is now commonly used to screen and diagnose patients.


Dissimilar to with numerous different growths, your specialist might be really sure around an analysis of kidney cancer without a biopsy. Here and there, a biopsy will be done to affirm the analysis.we encourage our patients’ participation in their own treatment which helps them to make informed decisions