The lovely people over at MediaNerd asked me to create this film for their client, Sandoz. It was unlike anything I had ever been asked to make before as it's purpose is to help children prepare for a renal biopsy. This involves taking a small sample of tissue from the kidney, which is then used to diagnose and monitor certain conditions. Kids are brave! My Role: Pre Production, Art Direction, Illustration & Animation Client: Sandoz Produced: Media Nerd Sound: Media Nerd

Kidney Biopsy: 5 Points to Help Understand the Procedure. Your nephrologist might order this procedure to diagnose and treat your kidney disease

kidney biopsy-A biopsy is a procedure in which a small sample of tissue is removed from a part of the body. The sample is looked at under a microscope, or tested in other ways. A kidney biopsy (sometimes called a renal biopsy) involves a small sample of kidney tissue being removed. A kidney biopsy is done to diagnose and monitor certain conditions of the kidney. It is also used to monitor kidney transplants.

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Two Studies Show Potential for Novel Biomarkers to Replace Surgical Biopsy in Detecting and Monitoring Lupus Kidney Disease

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Despite your many successes, your body undergoes severe strain during which you were diagnosed with kidney failure. In reality, no matter how well-known you are, you may be tested by a trying condition creating a hardship where you need to perform dialysis over three times a week.

If you'd like to find out what morning sickness literally feels like then this page spells it all out. The major signs and symptoms and some of the very best cures and natural remedies. Leg edema - before and after,...

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