And darkness will come, but do not be afraid of the darkness. For out of darkness comes light. The sun is the saddle of the moon, just as the day rides on the back of the night." -Emily Joyner

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"NO!" The scream that erupted from her lips was unlike anything he'd ever heard before. He grabbed her and hauled her away but she was still sobbing, still screaming, still straining towards the limp corpse of her brother.

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"Don't make this more difficult than this needs to be," he snarled in my ear, slapping the tape across my mouth.

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"I once seen another Elyis, be taken. Up there in your so called, Utopia, there are innocent childern killed because of what they are." ~ November Cystarous

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ibesimi2 Read "Kidnapped by One Direction. - Undecided." By: ibesimi2 #wattpad #fanfiction

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