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Kid Friendly Kitchen Backsplash

Pop-out Outlet Hides The Holes When You Don’t Need Them

If you are a perfectionist in home designs, you might think those always-exposed holes on an outlet are really ugly, but you get nothing to do. Today we have good news for you—it’s Pop-out Outlet—a very eye-catching design. When it is not in use, it will


We are still at least a year or two away from our own kitchen reno, so it’s safe to say that I’ll be on the hunt for kitchen inspiration for the next 365 days and then some. I’ve been hoarding kitchen phots in a secret pin board for months now, and when I stumble on one that feels both timeless and current, it’s like the holy grail. This kitchen, hailing from an updated 18th century home, is all that an then some. With the wall to wall subway tile, and the library sconces above the sink…


Best Removable Adhesive Products for Renters

10 Temporary & Removable Adhesive Products All Renters Should Know About | Personalize your apartment with these rental friendly decor options!


Inspiration Board Images: Organic Modern Dining Rooms

Organic modern dining rooms have a lived-in elegance that comes from balancing hard and soft elements. They are cool, calm, and collected, while inviting you to share the space with family and friends. This one's mix of blonde wood, Eames molded dining chairs, copper pendant lights and dark backsplash offer the perfect mix of modern elegance and kid-friendly living.


I like this repurposed nightstand as a mini-kitchen. -Don't have room for the bigger styles and this one is compact and more boy-friendly.


Great alternative to the metal shelves that get rusty and gross- recessed shelving storage