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kid jokes - always good to have a few you can remember up your sleeve


¿Por que incluir el yogurt en la dieta de tus niños? El yogur es una fuente inagotable de salud, es apropiado para todas las edades y sobre todo para los niños que no toleran la leche, entre sus principales virtudes destacan los efectos beneficiosos para la flora intestinal.

from Passionate Penny Pincher

Free Lunch Box Note Downloads

lunch box notes for kids | ... list of lunchbox free downloads at Making Memories with Your Kids


Surprise Your Child with Fun Printable Lunch Box Notes and Jokes

Liven up your kid's lunch period with these cute, kid-friendly jokes. We've got 6 different punchlines, sure to brighten their day.

lunch box jokes - printable - pop them in your child's school lunch box to brighten their day ! What a fun idea something to talk about in the car on the way home ! Oh and this way you will learn if they have even opened the lunch box !

from All Pro Dad

24 New Knock Knock Jokes

24 New Knock Knock Jokes to use with your child when hanging out. Because if I hear, "Orange you glad I didn't say, 'banana?'" one more time I might scream.

from Kids Activities Blog

35 Jokes for Kids

35 Jokes for Kids - these are silly jokes that you can tell to make your kids laugh! So fun.


cute & clean kitty cat kids joke for children featuring an adorable gnome :)