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Kevin J O'connor

There Will Be Blood (2007)

There Will Be Blood (2007), Daniel Day-Lewis, Paul Dano, Dillon Freasier, Russell Harvard, Ciaran Hinds, Kevin J. O'Connor; directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. Day-Lewis won an Oscar for Best Actor, and Robert Elswit won for Best Cinematography; film got six other nominations.


Rush novel No.2 underway

Rush novel No.2 underway - Clockwork Lives - Neil Peart is working with author Kevin J Anderson on a sequel to their Clockwork Angels novel...

2014 Sony World Photography Awards entries

'Over the Dome' by Kevin J Bleasdale, UK. Rim of the Millennium Dome in London.


Kevin J. Delaney, editor-in-chief and president, Quartz

Kevin Delaney on Twitter: ""By fear-mongering, Donald Trump and the others, Cruz and so on, are doing the work of ISIS.” - George Soros

The Martian War: A Thrilling Eyewitness Account of the Recent Alien Invasion as reported by Mr. H. G. Wells - written by Kevin J Anderson


Peggy Sue Got Married [DVD]: Kathleen Turner, Nicolas Cage, Barry Miller, Catherine Hicks, Joan Allen, Kevin J. O'Connor, Jim Carrey, Lisa Jane Persky, Lucinda Jenney, Wil Shriner, Barbara Harris, Don Murray, Jordan Cronenweth, Francis Ford Coppola, Barry Malkin, Barrie M. Osborne, Paul R. Gurian, Arlene Sarner, Jerry Leichtling: DVD & Blu-ray

by Kevin J Hayler. 'Doe-Eyed' 195mm 246mm 7.68" x 9.68" 'The holy man pointed towards the bushes and there hiding amongst the foliage was a baby spotted deer. It's mother had been raised by the priests and she had returned to give birth in the safety of the temple grounds.'

by Kevin J Hayler. 'Balancing Act' 313mm x 234mm ( 12.32" x 9.21" ) 'I came across this scene in Addo National Park in South Africa and I had to laugh. There in the distance I saw a small family of elephants and the youngest calf was trying to balance on 3 legs. I stopped to watch as she wobbled back and forth and behaving for all the world like a playful child.'