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Whilst on the way through Chatsworth Park one autumn afternoon I noticed a lovely warm haze surrounding the village of Edensor and captured the view towards the church from beneath the trees overlooking Chatsworth House. From £7


On the eve of World War II - In London, September 1st, 1939. With the attack by Hitler’s armies on Poland that morning, the three most promising Kennedys - Joe Junior, Kathleen and Jack - hurry to attend a special sitting of the British House of Commons.


JFK (Being someone that watched hin run around in the WH, at his father's funeral, as he grew into a wonderful respected young man, making his mark with his career and George Mag., he marries a lovely lady and then he is gone, much too young with so much more to do)


JFK Jr (38)carrying his wife Carolyn(33) and her sister Lauren Bessette(34) all died in the plane crash into the ocean in July 16,1999.

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Book of the week is Kick by Paula Byrne

Kick and William Cavendish (pictured at their wedding) married in 1944, but he died just a few weeks later, on active service. More tragedy was to follow: just four years later, Kick also died in a plane crash


John F. Kennedy Jr., "America's Prince", pray for us John, that we can carry on the tradition of being brave & free in this land of the U.S.A. despite the Government and narrow minded fearful people's attempts to stifle us.