Hey I'm Kellin!I'm 19 and single,I love to sing,skateboard,play basketball,and just hang.Aspen is my friend.Hurt her I'll hurt you.Anyway, introduce?

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Hi I'm Kellin. Me and all my siblings are rejects. But i'm more social than them tho

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Kellin Quinn. It's funny because Jenn and I were having a conversation this morning about how gorgeous Kellin is. lol More

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All this picture needs is Vic Fuentes and it would have the three sexiest men in the world. Kellin and Andy are still soooo hot!

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Thank you!!! I don't have to know what type of breed of dog they had when they were five or anything like that!!! Just be happy someone likes the same band you do!

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im screaming is this real<<I started clapping like a retarded seal....BUT OMG THIS IS PERFECT!!! KELLIN AND GEE!!!!! OUR LITTLE KELLIN AND OUR ANGEL GEE!!!!!

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