I need a wood shed!! (and a bike shed!) as we're going to lose the garage and Charlie's nicked a shed for his man cave!

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Why should you consider purchasing a kids kayak online? For a lot of people, going to a youth kayak store can mean driving for more than an hour. Because of this, buying kids kayaks online is more convenient. Aside from this, purchasing kayaks for kids on the Internet will allow you to get the exact color and style you want.

This Kayak Storage Hoist is designed to keep your canoe or kayak stored on your garage ceiling.

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Here's one man showing off his creativity with plumbing supplies. If you've ever gone into a kayak store and seen how little $1500 will buy you, you might just find yourself motivated to make one of these! It looks easy enough, and you've gotta figure that if PVC cement can keep water in the pipes, it can certainly keep water out too! The connection in the rear keeps the pipes at an adequate distance apart. The cross member forward of the midsection is a foot rest, and notice the 45…

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