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kayak truck rack works with Tonneau Cover

The problem with kayak/ladder racks that are commercially available, is that they don't leave room for the tonneau cover. This kayak rack works using the existing stake pockets and as long as the tonneau cover doesn't cover them up you can freely open and close the tonneau cover AND carry your stuff in the rack.


Mount It To The Car

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How to Make Hood Straps for Your Kayak / Roof Rack

Make a car hood strap for tieing down your kayak

Wheel Step - Uses: for gaining easier access to your roof rack, to the engine, and you can use it as a viewing platform and a seat.


It is all about getting there. Had to create a rack for two 10 foot kayaks on a Ford Ranger. Copied idea from other PVC racks. Have a fill tube on this one to weigh down the rack and a plug to drain the water when done.