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Katy Perry by Mikael Jansson for Interview Magazine

from Mail Online

The popstar turns showgirl: Corsets for Katy Perry and nipple tassels for her dancers in burlesque style shoot

I look at this picture and I see a woman that is sexy, looking relaxed with her beauty. Comfortable with what she is wearing. Women fought hard after the civil war to get out of those corsets and into pants. I'm not saying that I want go back to the Burlesque days but I would love if people would be able to wear whatever it is that makes them feel beautiful and sexy. Even if it may be a bit rique.

from Mail Online

Katy Perry smoulders in bejewelled bra for sexy photoshoot

Katy p

from Digital Spy

Katy Perry and Madonna Did a Bondage-Themed Photo Shoot

Katy Perry and Madonna | Did a bondage-themed photo shoot. This looks interesting. #youresopretty

Lovecat magazine editorial. Love the pink hair and all the sparkles x


Katy Perry poses in a raunchy shoot for GQ in the US

Katy Perry Fear of Robert Pattinson: Katy Perry fear of Robert Pattinson and love according to Russel Brand and John Mayer does not want to be hurt again fo