Katie McGrath best know for her role as Morgana Pendragon on the BBC Merlin you have to admit that she is definitely stunning

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Everybody, this is my sister, Maya Bradley... She has the same powers i do, so telekinesis, shapeshifting, and minipulation of objects and people with minds....

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Katie McGrath. "Just interesting women. They don’t have to be extraordinary, just someone who catches your attention. I tend not to be drawn to the good guys – the bad ones are more interesting; why are they bad? What’s brought them to this point? Will they ever become good? Maybe because I’m a goody two shoes in real life, it’s nice to play that."

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Morgana (Katie McGrath) of BBCs Merlin in armour (very beautiful armour might I add!)

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Inspiration for Lindsey Gray's new lead character "Emma McLean", actress Katie McGrath. #NGN

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