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Steven Avery 'framed in botch job' claims lawyer who plans new exposé

'Making a Murderer' attorney seeks more evidence testing

Attorney Kathleen Zellner (left) told reporters outside the Manitowoc County courthouse Friday that she wants to date blood and DNA found at the scene to see if it was planted


New episodes of MAM will reveal evidence that proves Steven Avery is innocent

Making a Murderer new episodes with real evidence PROVING Steven Avery is innocent lawyer Kathleen Zellner confirms

Steven Avery's Lawyer Has Evidence Of 'Airtight Alibi' For Day Of Murder

Making A Murderer: Steven Avery Has Airtight Alibi Says Lawyer Kathleen Zellner

Steven Avery 'framed in botch job' claims lawyer who plans new exposé

SPOILER ALERT: Hot shot Kathleen Zellner says those who framed Steven Avery did a 'poor job' and that she is ready to expose all she knows

Bombshell new evidence could lead to Making a Murderer Steven Avery's freedom

Spoiler Alert: Steven Avery's lawyer Kathleen Zellner has been sent new bombshell claims that completely counteract the state's case giving fresh hopes for appeal

Evidence from Chicago detective's cases re-examined for multiple exonerations

“The wrongful conviction civil-rights cases are emerging as the most effective way to curb police abuse tactics,” said attorney Kathleen Zellner, who in late January began representing Lee Harris (above), one of multiple people who have detailed to the Guardian a trail of dubious confessions extracted by Detective Richard Zuley (top left).


The woman unmaking America's most famous murderer

Cell phone records may exonerate Avery - Kathleen Zellner might be the most famous attorney in the world if she busts out the "Making a Murderer" prisoner.