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Kathleen Cavendish

Kick arriving so proud and happy on her wedding day, 1944.♡❤❤❤♡❤♡❤❤❤♡,_Marchioness_of_Hartington


Rose with Kick and Joe Jr. ♡❀❁❤❁❤❁❤❁❤❁❤♡❀,_Marchioness_of_Hartington


Kathleen Agnes (Kennedy) Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington (February 20, 1920…

Kathleen Agnes Kennedy as an infant, circa 1920. ❤❁❤❁❤❁❤❁❤❁❤,_Marchioness_of_Hartington

Rose Kennedy With Daughter Kathleen Rose Kennedy and her daughter, Kathleen, after attending the wedding of Elizabeth Swigert-Hohenstein and Commander William K. Harrill, assistant naval attache at the US embassy, which took place at Caxton Hall.March 29, 1938 ♡❀♡✿♡❁♡✾♡✽♡❃♡❀♡,_Marchioness_of_Hartington

Kathleen Agnes "Kick" Kennedy (February 20, 1920 – May 13, 1948), was the fourth…