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Kansas The Band

Nico and The Velvet Underground


The band Kansas had some of the best ever. This is just one example. You can find their discography and see all album covers


"Rock This Town" a song by the 'Stray Cats' from their UK debut album 'Stray Cats'.Reached no.9 on the UK Singles Chart in 1981.

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L'Wren Scott's funeral moved to LA by Mick Jagger and her brother

Poor Mick, what a nightmare, and for L'Wren's family, don't understand why The rest of the band are beaming... by ALLEYCAT8 #DailyMail


Mumford and Sons As the winter winds litter London with lonely hearts Oh the warmth in your eyes swept me into your arms


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Kansas rock group is from Kansas! Hit singles, "Cary on Wayward Son", "Dust in the Wind", toured N. America and Europe. Saw this group play before they ever made it big!


The B-52s circa 1979, shot by George DuBose ‘I had the idea to produce a 16x20in [40x50cm] poster in black and white to snipe around the clubs, where the band would be playing. I didn’t know about wheat paste, and after I had stapled posters around the block where Max’s Kansas City was and got back the point where I started, all the posters were gone. After that I began selling the posters for 52 cents or two for a dollar.’ Photograph: Outside the Lines

steve walsh kansas | Walsh’s replacement was John Elefante, a young singer who sounds out ...