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The Ruling Hall in Xaramar, the capital city of Xrath Empire Promenade by ZhouPeng - Zhou Peng - CGHUB via


Wichita is the Air Capitol and Kansas is the Tornado Capitol. It's fitting that they are together in this breathtaking photo.


MINTS Acronym for capitalisation A cute idea to go with this would be to get letter stickers on the wrappers of mints and say a word and have them spell it whether it should be capitalised or not!:)


The Ice Cream Capital of the WOLRD is in LeMars, Iowa. We need to visit here for our IA history unit. :)


Tour the Town: 8 Itineraries for Fun - KC Going Places - Fall-Winter 2012 - Kansas City, KS

The 10 Best Restaurants In Topeka, Kansas

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