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HMS FORMIDABLE on fire after she was struck by a Kamikaze pilot off Okinawa on May 4, 1945. Formidable was part of the 1st Carrier Squadron and launched her planes repeatedly to bombard Japanese positions. Despite serious damage, Formidable remained under her own power and, o May 31, reached the Captain Cook Dock at the Garden Island Dockyard for repairs.

from Country Living Magazine UK

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The tragic aftermath of a Kamikaze pilot who hit his mark: the destroyed forward hangar bay of the USS Hancock, which was forced back to the US for repairs, April 7, 1945.

from Mail Online

WW2 in the Far East: The cry of the Kamikaze

A kamikaze pilot in WW2 prepares for his suicide mission against the US Navy. From: NEMESIS: THE BATTLE FOR JAPAN 1944-45 by Max Hastings, published by HarperPress


Kamikaze Pilots: Japan’s Suicide Squad in WWII -