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Autumn Solstice and Burning Away the Old Self

Kali Ma - Kali Ma, called the "Dark Mother," is the Hindu goddess of creation, preservation, and destruction. Also known as the Black Goddess, long tongue

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Conversations with Kali Ma

Kali Ma is an energy that lives within us all. She is the Dark Goddess of the Hindu tradition. She is both a mother creatress, as well as a fierce destroyer. Her wisdom is wild and primeval, the embodied Shakti. She is the divine form of Mother Nature herself.

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Goddess Kali

Her anger got out of hand more than once. Lord Shiva became a crying baby boy. An effort to pacify her. Her nurturing side took over her anger. It was the next time around that he had to lie down in her path. Goddess Kali - rare depiction

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Hindu Goddess Kali On Hindu Temple by Carl Purcell

Hindu Goddess Kali On Hindu Temple Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Carl Purcell