Speaking in monosyllabic, then I breach. Came, masked, saw, a smile just that the hand (definite article, the hand against which all other….) didn’t move on to the mouth as usual, threw my self into the air and that corner. I like the monosyllabic style. So-what, yes-no, where –there… …

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"I'm about to...die...but...I'll become your eye and...see the future for you." Obitos last words to a young Kakashi, who will soon to be known as the famous copy ninja of the hidden leaf.

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How Kakashi vs Zabuza would have gone if ninja were even more childish than they usually are

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COOL JAPAN SHOP - NARUTO Shippuden Hatake Kakashi eye mask, $27.96 (http://www.cooljapan-shop.com/naruto-shippuden-hatake-kakashi-eye-mask/)

Dearest Kakashi - Letter from Sakumo to his beloved Son Kakashi ...T__T
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