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Disney Release Images of The Jungle Book Cast Alongside their Animal Characters

The Jungle Book Characters that became my favorites. Plus movie review. #JungleBook #CaptainAmericaEvent

POP! Disney: Jungle Book - Kaa | Funko Possible Stores: B&N, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us...


The Jungle Book. One of my all time Favorite Disney movies. The very first movie thstbI saw more than one the theater. Now it's part of my film collection and I pull it out to watch again when I need a pick me up and sing along with Baloo, march with the Coronal, & swing with Louey.

Jungle Book actors with their CG animals
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Jungle Book actors with their CG animals

I LOVED this photo shoot of the Jungle Book (2016) actors with their animal characters!! They're all so gorgeous!