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Jw Convention

How fucking sad and depressing must your life be to sit in a stuffy arena in high heels for 7 hrs a day to find the even remotely exciting?


After so many friends sitting around me at the convention commented on it, I wanted to share with you one of the ways I visually organize my convention/meeting notes. Because we are nourished so bountifully at these events, I use the stickers to quickly note a point in my notes that I want to later meditate on, use in the ministry, do further research on for personal study, or note in my Bible or Bible Teach book. It helps me quickly see ministry tips or ideas, etc. I hope this is useful to…

from Lulus

Absolutely Eloquent Black Floral Print Maxi Dress

Modest Fashion doesn't mean frumpy! Fashion Tips (and a free eBook) here: Do your clothing choices, manners, and poise portray the image you want to send? "Dress how you wish to be dealt with!" (E. Jean)

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See Yourself Printable Art for Jehovah's Witnesses. Based on Song 134- Sing to Jehovah. Download,Print & Frame. 8x10

See Yourself Printable Art for Jehovah's by JellyfishPrintables #jw


Stilettos and convention... they don't mix!!! especially with a baby in your arms!


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