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P: Emperor Justinian of the Byzantine empire was able to codify Roman law and therefore reduce legal confusion in the Byzantine empire. During his rule Emperor Justinian also attempted to recover Western territory, without much success.


Hagia Sophia, Istambul, Turkey - Wow, can't believe that I visited Istanbul many times with work but never managed to visit this :(


Haghia Sophia, Istanbul. Built under the rein of Justinian. "The Haghia Sophia, nominated by many authors and historians as one of the eighth wonders of the world, is certainly a masterpiece of architecture since it is one of the few structures of such huge dimensions to have stood erect for so long. Its architectural mastery was far ahead of its time and unmatched for 1000 years."


The Hagia Sophia originally built as a Christian church by Roman Emperor Justinian I in Constantinople (aka Istanbul).