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Kendall Jenner looks every inch the supermodel in leather mini

Quite a process: While simple and well executed, it was not Justin's first choice of outfi...

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Justin Bieber - I'm not particularly forward in admitting I enjoy the singles from his latest album, of which I couldn't tell you the name of. What has happened to him over the last few years has hopefully been a catalyst for him to be hungry to keep on the straight and narrow and making good music.

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This is why Justin bieber sucks.... alex understands there are people who don't have the money to buy albums and songs like everyone else does. Thank you alex.

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I love seeing pictures of him wearing that shirt. Pencils of Promise is 1 of the charities that he's in. He's in a lot of other charities too. He loves to give back <3

Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean (Produced by Skrillex)

'' Are you taking the piss wee boy crappy singer ? You really called - JUST IN BEAVER ? '' ✅

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Sorry // Justin Bieber...I really don't like Justin or his music in general, but his latest songs are good.

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