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Justice Video

from GeekTyrant

JUSTICE LEAGUE Gets a Ridiculously Bizarre and Amusingly Looney Fan Trailer

I honestly don't know what to say about this Justice League fan trailer. It's seriously the wackiest, strangest, funniest, and most ridiculous thing you'll probably watch today. It's called "Justice League Weird," and it was created by Aldo Jones, the same dude who previously brought us the "Weird Trailer" for Batman v Superman. This latest creation of his is even more hilariously bizarre than his last one. Jones seriously gives us the freak show of movie trailers, and I love it! This is just one of those videos that you have to experience to be able to really appreciate it, so enjoy!

from ShortList Magazine

Greatest Superhero Gif Ever

Pretty cool, really awesome (also spans DC and Marvel, I can't pick one over the other) just wish there were 2; one for Avengers and X-Men (I wanna see Nat okay) and one for the Justice League (but we need the Titans so we can have Nightwing too)


'Justice League' Cast Unites in Video to Combat Real-World Problem -

I've been listening to this Soong ever since it came out... Also been watching the video on repeat... It's almost 1am


Why I’m A Feminist. I will not apologize for the language because I am fucking PISSED OFF too!


In all honesty, Shylock had every legal right to demand his forfeiture. He was cheated and incriminated on a dirty, bias technicality.