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President will not attend requiem for Scalia

Obama snubs Scalia funeral: President will NOT attend requiem for conservative Supreme Court justice - and White House can't say whether he'll be golfing---What a piece of Sh!!-Is the guilt too much for you Ovomit?

Obama Cabinet Official Says It’s A Good Thing Justice Scalia Died [VIDEO]

True Pundit personnel, who have served in varying intelligence capacities and agencies for the United States, were floored this morning when combing the Wikileaks database of John Podesta emails. P…

BREAKING: Famous Talk Show Host Drops BOMBSHELL On Who MURDERED Justice Scalia…

Supreme Court Justice Scalia Warns of U.S. Internment Camps

Podesta Emailed About an Assassination Three Days Before Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s Suspicious Death (10/13/16)

Donald Trump: “I’m Looking to Appoint Judges Very Much in the Mold of Justice Scalia”


There’s an email from the recent Wikileaks drops that is causing a big stir on the internet. The email refers to his death and the “bad night” that will likely proceed. Where it turns interesting is when one of the emailers uses the term “wet works” when discussing his actual death. “Wet Wo

John Podesta & Steve Elmedorf discuss "wet works" (code word for assassination) less than 4 days before Justice Scalia found dead | politics