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from Mad World News

Before His Death, Justice Scalia Issued A Dire Warning For All Americans

Our nation remains in mourning over the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia this weekend. With the passing of a great conservative justice, many Americans are left in fear of the direction our nation will head, but what many don't realize is that Justice Scalia himself already issued us a dire warning before his death. It's a grave warning that we'd be wise to heed, but one has to wonder if it's not already too late.

from RedFlag News

Sep 6 Scalia’s Secret Grave Discovered

PATDOLLARD.COM As mysterious as his death. So who exactly witnessed the alleged internment? Excerpted from The Daily Mail: The private burial site of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has been revealed by internet sleuths. Scalia’s funeral was attended by thousands and was also carried on live television. However, his family asked for privacy when it was time to bury his remains and officials with the Supreme Court declined to state where he was being laid to rest. Nearly seven months after his death, the location of Scalia’s grave has become public with the help of a website. The location of Scalia’s grave — at Fairfax Memorial Park in Virginia — was recorded on the cemetery website with precision: Garden of the Crucifixion, Lot 870, Site A. A contributor to the site added photos, too. Recently Wikipedia added the location and a photo to Scalia’s page. Citing privacy, cemetery President Michael H. Doherty declined to discuss the late justice or say how frequently visitors ask for help finding Scalia’s gravesite in the cemetery that is dotted with brightly colored artificial flowers and in-ground memorial markers rather than headstones. Keep reading

from Mail Online

Justice Scalia believes women swearing is eroding society

Love this pinner's descriptions: "Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia believes society is eroding because women use the 'F-word' and thinks Facebook is 'strange' | This is from last year, but still relevant proof that these ignorant old fucks are not fit to make decisions for our country. And to Justice Scalia and anyone else who wants to police the language of women- fuck you, fuck off, and go suck a bag of dicks."

from the Guardian

Justice Scalia: minority students may be better off going to 'lesser schools'

Conservative justices give sympathetic hearing in Fisher v University of Texas but were warned that end to affirmative action would see diversity ‘plummet’

from Mail Online

The immediate effect of Scalia's death on abortion, immigration cases

Legal disarray after shock death of Justice Scalia: Abortion, immigration and gay rights decisions in doubt as Obama and Senate prepare to go head-to-head over successor

Justice Scalia compares gay marriage ruling to protections for child abusers 'What? It’s up to me to identify deserving minorities?'