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Jupiter Storm


Fanad Head, County Donegal

Fanad Head, County Donegal, Ireland. Stay above water, you're almost there. :)

from The Berry

You could use these sweet backgrounds (21 photos)

Okay, okay, I know, this is like my third post of outer space.. but this is a storm on Jupiter.

from The Independent

New images of Jupiter 'like nothing seen or imagined before'

A Nasa spacecraft has captured the best views of Jupiter yet, revealing turbulent storms in the north pole.  Jupiter's northern polar region is stormier than expected and appears bluer than the rest of the planet, said mission chief scientist Scott Bolton of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.

from Mail Online

Jupiter's North Pole 'like nothing we have seen or imagined before'

Juno was about 48,000 miles (78,000 kilometers) above Jupiter's polar cloud tops when it captured this view, showing storms and weather unlike anywhere else in the solar system.

from BBC News

Juno probe returns close-up Jupiter pictures

Juno probe returns close-up Jupiter pictures - BBC News